Spark Your Creativity with This List of Laser Cut Ideas

Whether you’re new to making and buying location to start or you’re a practiced maker who wants to develop in new guidelines or get a fresh take on your current path, do we have some laser cutter projects ideas for you. There’s a lot of chance for making amazing laser beam lower products (and profiting from them, too!).

 But the place to start?

With so many ideas, we wished to make this post easy to get around and refer back again too. So, we divided the story into two areas. Primarily, there are two types of the way for engraving or hallmarking and they’re rotary engraving and laser beam engraving. Both these machines have their own benefits and the jeweler must choose the kind of machine that is most ideal for his/her needs. Since this article is about laser cutter, further dialogue on rotary engraving machines will never be done but instead, the 5 benefits of laser hallmarking machine have been reviewed.

The laser cutter hallmarking machine has a very high-powered laser beam that is used to etch the surface of the material. You are able to make a decision the depth of your engraving by identifying the strength of the beam of the laser beam.

Apart from the depth, the laser cutter also enables you to select the look with great easiness. The operator must enter the required design on the computer and from here control is delivered to the laser engraver, which engraves the design in the same way it is got into the computer. Read more!

 jeweler to engrave

This computer-guided mechanism of the laser hallmarking machine allows the jeweler to engrave at an extremely fast pace. This is particularly good for the professional jeweler, who must meet the supply demands of the client. A definite use of the fast tempo of fiber laser cutting machine is hallmarking. The organizations responsible for the hallmarking have to get the hallmarking done at a fast pace and the thing that helps them in achieving their goal is laser hallmarking machine.

Using the fiber laser cutting machine

With the help of laser beam hallmarking machines, the designer gets the capability to draw a highly precise structure on the rings. The precise trim and the high correctness provided by the laser gives the artist an opportunity to produce the designs that are highly complex. Jewelry hallmarks usually contain some kind of custom logo and other information, every one of the hallmarking information can be produced by the laser cutter at an amazing rate with high accuracy.

Laser Cut Jewelry

What’s one of the most notable laser cutter jobs made by Ponoko? If you guessed rings, you’re right. From earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings, there are so many great design ideas that it was hard to pick just a handful!

Since many laser cutters specializes in making with certain materials, we’ve grouped the design ideas into subsections by materials to make your browsing experience easy. So you will see all the woodjewelry, acrylic charms and so forth together. Learn more details at:

5 things you need to know to start laser cutting

Ever imagined running your own laser cutter? Here are five tips to get you started cutting patterns into everyday stuff like wood or newspaper. Laser reducing – sometimes called etching or engraving – isn’t just one of the coolest means of bringing a design to life but also, by far, the most appropriate. While it might be easy to create and slice out a small sign yourself, a laser cutter can do a lot more, like the kind of multi-layered lettering and design that a good skilled designer would struggle to execute.

What laser must I get?

Between co2 laser cutter, extractor lover and sourced materials used to build the rig, Roe said that it cost someplace in the region of EUR8,000 to create, whereas store-bought laser cutters from places like Epilog will cost you somewhere in the region of EUR20,000. This might seem like a cost the average beginner would balk at, but dread much less cheap alternatives exist. Starting out a little smaller, there are a number of 40W laser cutters available directly from eBay. Check here!

Where do I source the equipment to develop one?

Following Tog’s example, your one-stop shop is an online site called Lasersaur that offers people an open-source shopping list for building your own laser cutter. It also carries a step-by-step guide in developing one if you are beginning with scuff with little-to-no experience. It really is then simply a case of investing in the hours into sourcing the necessary parts. In cases like this, eBay will be your go-to place where parts can be shipped set for a small fraction of the price of buying locally, in many cases.

What materials do I use for laser slicing?

It might seem to be obvious, but you can’t just decide on any old materials and start blasting it with a co2 laser cutter. Also, it is advised to stay away from cardboard as the concentrated, intense heat can cause it to catch fire very easily and, when coping with electrical equipment, trying to put it out becomes that bit more complicated.

Among the better materials to make use of are the cheap and readily available birch plywood only a few millimeters dense. With this, a straightforward design can be etched out in just over one minute.

What must I make first?

When it comes to sourcing some cool designs to start out with, the internet is your friend. It is as easy as typing ‘SVG designs’ into Google and finding one you truly like. Along with SVG documents, the other laser beam cutter-friendly record type is DXF, which can even be put into a laser cutter software programmed to print as is or put into if you feel creative.

The easiest thing, Roe said, is to start out off with a vanity plate of your own name that you could hang up in your cubicle or on your wall structure at home.


Is there everywhere I can get some good guidance? While there are a variety of handy lessons on YouTube, Tog itself offers a hands-on experience using its co2 laser cutter. More details in site:

CO2 Laser Engraver Safety

Whether you use a CO2 laser cutter and engraver for work or for personal projects, you have to be careful. These machines are great and can offer you an easier way to cut and engrave a variety of materials in little time, but that doesn’t mean to say there aren’t any risks involved in using the machine. However, do you know the potential risks? Do you know how to properly use the laser engraver? Maybe, its time you learned about some basic CO2 laser engraver safety procedures?

Proper Ventilation Is Essential

After so long, the laser machine can omit toxic and potentially harmful gases as it cuts or engraves the materials and as such, should never be used in a room with no open windows. If you’re using the machine in a closed area, you must keep the door opened and use for short periods at a time. There are real dangers involved with laser engravers because when they are left running for long periods of time, fumes can fill the room. You have to stay safe and ensure you use the machine in an area that has sufficient ventilation.

Protective Clothing and Eye Wear Are a Must

What clothes do you plan to wear when using the CO2 laser cutter and engraver? Do you plan to wear your usual clothing? That might not be suitable for the task at hand. The machine can get very hot and users may get burned if they’re not wearing the right clothing. You must ensure the clothing you’re wearing is suitable to wear when using the laser engraver. Far too many people don’t think about such things when dealing with an engraver and get hurt. It’s very important to wear protective clothing and eye wear to protect the eyes also. Read more!

Never Leave the Machine Unattended

Laser engravers look simple enough, but if left unattended you never know what can happen. One of the most important safety tips anyone using the laser machine can have, is to never leave the machine unattended when it’s switched on. There are potential hazards involved for machines on without proper supervision. You never know what can happen, and while you might think stepping out the room for a moment while the laser runs, it’s not a smart move to make. You absolutely must be in the room at all times when the engraver is running. If you have to leave the room, switch the machine off first.

Stay Safe

Laser engravers are some of the simplest tools to use today, and yet they carry a serious risk with them. Anyone can get burned if they’re not wearing suitable clothing, and even when people have the right clothing, they always seem to forget about proper eye wear. It’s essential to know how to stay safe at all times when using the machine so that you don’t get hurt or put others at risk when using the engraver. A CO2 laser cutter and engraver can be a wonderful tool to have at home, but you must use it carefully and safely. Click here for more information:

5 Things You Should Never Do With a Laser Pointer, Portable Laser Or Even a Laser Module

Lasers are ideal for work as well as pleasure and with a little common sense, can be used safely. Some of things you must not do with a laser cutter are obvious; however, people are still doing them. Therefore, this article is to clearly indicate the five things you should not do with lasers.

1.Look Directly Down the Laser

Several people, out of curiosity, trying to correct a fault or simply out of sheer stupidity will look down at a laser in the lens where the laser beam comes out. I do not care if your finger is on the power button, if you took out the batteries or if the gills of the laser spread all over your workbench never look down with a laser cutter. You will not ever look down the barrel of a rifle and in the similar way you should never look down at the laser.

2.Point the Laser to People

High power lasers are very dangerous to the eyes, if you aim a laser at someone, there’s a chance you’ll hurt your eyes. It’s that easy. Of course you could be aiming with the 500mW laser pointer that can light cigars in the hand, the back of the head or on the bridge of the nose, where everybody does know it is safe. However, what happens if you move, your hand slips, someone hits you or anyone and the same things that can go wrong? What happens is that in that fraction of a second you are dependable for that person losing partially or completely the vision in that eye.

3.Point the Laser to the Aircraft

This is seen as something very obvious that has nothing to do with a laser, but judging by the number of people who point to lasers on the plane, it’s not noticeable enough. In addition to the safety issues and hazards involved, aiming lasers at aircraft is a central offense in almost every country. Therefore, if you want to end up breaking rocks in the federal penitentiary for the next 15 to 20 years, kindly go ahead and be my guest.

4.Use the Wrong Equipment to Clean the Lens

The most common cause of damage to laser pointers and laser modules is that people clean wrongly the lens. The lens in the lasers is an accurate and fragile optics that is simply damaged so you must be very careful when cleaning them. There are many methods to clean lenses ranging from T-shirts and tissues to microfibers and lenses. Click here.

5.Modify Lasers

The modification of a laser occurs when one of some methods is used to enhance the power of the laser diode; as a result, the laser beam has more power. All lasers, if laser pointers or laser modules can be modified and it seems a very economical way to obtain a high power laser.


The main problem with modifying the lasers is that the lasers are not designed to handle the highest power levels and changing them will usually destroy or damage the lasers. If you are interested in modifying your laser as an experiment or if you do not mind ruining your laser, just go ahead. But if you have spent several hundred dollars hard earned to buy your laser cutter machine, leave it as it is.


Religious Gifts for Your Loved One

The most memorable day for a catholic or Christian as a child is often their first Holy Communion or Baptism. Children remember this day very long and their memories can be made much sweeter by giving them a special gift. It can include items being engraved using laser cutter like a Rosary, plaque, statue, communion candle etc…. All these gifts are often available in nearby stores or in church gift shops. There are many suppliers who sell communion garments like veils and ties which help the children look like angels on that wonderful day.  Read on to find out more!

The best option to touch your loved ones heart is to present them with a special engraved religious gift from a Co2 laser cutter.  The good thing about this DIY option is you can use any material and customize the gift as much as you prefer.  Most of us have some faith or religion we believe in and therefore have a special place in our hearts and minds for the religious gifts. The thing that we should consider when choosing a religious gift for our loved one is the beliefs of that person. There are actually many items that can be included in the list of religious gifts. In fact you can find most of these gifts in nearby shops or buy them online. The following are some of the religious gifts that can be given to a Catholic.

Another gift that you can give to your love one who is a Catholic would be an engraved gift made from Jerusalem stone through using laser cutter. This stone can be carved in the form of an angel, a Crucifix or The Ten Commandments. Special messages can be inscribed in these stones. Are you looking for a small gift that is more affordable? Then pins can be a very good choice for this. Pins can come with crosses, saints, cherubs and even the picture of Noah on them. This type of gift will be less expensive and the memories it gives will last a lifetime. read more from

cuttingThe best gift that can be brought for children are games or toys. There are prayer bears, board games and guardian angel bears available which are widely accepted by younger children. These toys can help a lot in teaching the children more about the Catholic faith. There are a numerous suppliers of these types of gifts in the market. Many people say that it is actually very difficult to find games and toys related to Catholic faith, but this is not true and there are plenty of options available to. All these toys would make the learning of the bible more engaging and interesting to the children and through this they will come to know more of the Catholic faith.

A common type of gift that we may choose to give is religious statues. These can be made out of stone, wood, crystal, glass or porcelain. They can come in different size and shapes depicting the different events in the Bible. Some of the important events out of which statues can be made are The Nativity, The Flight to Egypt or the Resurrection. It goes without saying that statues of Mother Mary, The Saints, Madonna and more are also available of.

Where should you buy a laser cutter machine? Many laser machine companies are available but some are not as affordable as others.  Companies like Epilog and Trotec laser or Thunder Laser are options to consider.  I recommend reviewing the laser company and comparing their laser cutter technology and prices prior to purchase.  Check these fsl reviews as well.