5 things you need to know to start laser cutting

Ever imagined running your own laser cutter? Here are five tips to get you started cutting patterns into everyday stuff like wood or newspaper. Laser reducing – sometimes called etching or engraving – isn’t just one of the coolest means of bringing a design to life but also, by far, the most appropriate. While it might be easy to create and slice out a small sign yourself, a laser cutter can do a lot more, like the kind of multi-layered lettering and design that a good skilled designer would struggle to execute.

What laser must I get?

Between co2 laser cutter, extractor lover and sourced materials used to build the rig, Roe said that it cost someplace in the region of EUR8,000 to create, whereas store-bought laser cutters from places like Epilog will cost you somewhere in the region of EUR20,000. This might seem like a cost the average beginner would balk at, but dread much less cheap alternatives exist. Starting out a little smaller, there are a number of 40W laser cutters available directly from eBay. Check here!

Where do I source the equipment to develop one?

Following Tog’s example, your one-stop shop is an online site called Lasersaur that offers people an open-source shopping list for building your own laser cutter. It also carries a step-by-step guide in developing one if you are beginning with scuff with little-to-no experience. It really is then simply a case of investing in the hours into sourcing the necessary parts. In cases like this, eBay will be your go-to place where parts can be shipped set for a small fraction of the price of buying locally, in many cases.

What materials do I use for laser slicing?

It might seem to be obvious, but you can’t just decide on any old materials and start blasting it with a co2 laser cutter. Also, it is advised to stay away from cardboard as the concentrated, intense heat can cause it to catch fire very easily and, when coping with electrical equipment, trying to put it out becomes that bit more complicated.

Among the better materials to make use of are the cheap and readily available birch plywood only a few millimeters dense. With this, a straightforward design can be etched out in just over one minute.

What must I make first?

When it comes to sourcing some cool designs to start out with, the internet is your friend. It is as easy as typing ‘SVG designs’ into Google and finding one you truly like. Along with SVG documents, the other laser beam cutter-friendly record type is DXF, which can even be put into a laser cutter software programmed to print as is or put into if you feel creative.

The easiest thing, Roe said, is to start out off with a vanity plate of your own name that you could hang up in your cubicle or on your wall structure at home.


Is there everywhere I can get some good guidance? While there are a variety of handy lessons on YouTube, Tog itself offers a hands-on experience using its co2 laser cutter. More details in site: https://www.forbes.com/sites/tjmccue/2012/06/25/laser-systems-industry-7-1-billion-in-2011-year-nothing-to-sneeze-at/#2cffdbf67763

CO2 Laser Engraver Safety

Whether you use a CO2 laser cutter and engraver for work or for personal projects, you have to be careful. These machines are great and can offer you an easier way to cut and engrave a variety of materials in little time, but that doesn’t mean to say there aren’t any risks involved in using the machine. However, do you know the potential risks? Do you know how to properly use the laser engraver? Maybe, its time you learned about some basic CO2 laser engraver safety procedures?

Proper Ventilation Is Essential

After so long, the laser machine can omit toxic and potentially harmful gases as it cuts or engraves the materials and as such, should never be used in a room with no open windows. If you’re using the machine in a closed area, you must keep the door opened and use for short periods at a time. There are real dangers involved with laser engravers because when they are left running for long periods of time, fumes can fill the room. You have to stay safe and ensure you use the machine in an area that has sufficient ventilation.

Protective Clothing and Eye Wear Are a Must

What clothes do you plan to wear when using the CO2 laser cutter and engraver? Do you plan to wear your usual clothing? That might not be suitable for the task at hand. The machine can get very hot and users may get burned if they’re not wearing the right clothing. You must ensure the clothing you’re wearing is suitable to wear when using the laser engraver. Far too many people don’t think about such things when dealing with an engraver and get hurt. It’s very important to wear protective clothing and eye wear to protect the eyes also. Read more!

Never Leave the Machine Unattended

Laser engravers look simple enough, but if left unattended you never know what can happen. One of the most important safety tips anyone using the laser machine can have, is to never leave the machine unattended when it’s switched on. There are potential hazards involved for machines on without proper supervision. You never know what can happen, and while you might think stepping out the room for a moment while the laser runs, it’s not a smart move to make. You absolutely must be in the room at all times when the engraver is running. If you have to leave the room, switch the machine off first.

Stay Safe

Laser engravers are some of the simplest tools to use today, and yet they carry a serious risk with them. Anyone can get burned if they’re not wearing suitable clothing, and even when people have the right clothing, they always seem to forget about proper eye wear. It’s essential to know how to stay safe at all times when using the machine so that you don’t get hurt or put others at risk when using the engraver. A CO2 laser cutter and engraver can be a wonderful tool to have at home, but you must use it carefully and safely. Click here for more information: https://www.forbes.com/sites/alexknapp/2018/04/23/this-3d-laser-printer-lets-you-create-intricate-designs-in-a-variety-of-common-materials/#15c0e6aba968

What’s a Laser Engraver, and What Can You Do with One?

You might have heard about the laser engraver, but you are wondering what this is and what the difference between this and a laser engraver is. And what you can do with one. There are many people that are getting confused between a laser engraver and a laser cutter. Before you can decide if you want to get one for yourself, you should know what an engraver is and all the different things that you can do with it. This is why this guide is so important.

What is a laser engraver?

We all know what is a normal engraver. But do you know exactly what is a laser machine for engraving? It is also important to understand what the difference between a laser engraver and a laser cutter is.

A laser engraver is a machine that is making use of a laser to cut images into different objects. It can be a name, a picture or even a logo. This is different than a normal engraver, and deliver higher quality images. The difference between a laser engraver and cutter is that the cutter is cutting different material by making use of a laser. It doesn’t cut into the materialto create wording or images.

Is it worth purchasing?

If you are someone that is working with your hands and like creating different, and unique stuff, then this is something that you can purchase for sure. Especially, if you are going to make some money out of it.

Then, you will be able to get back the money you have paid for the laser machine easily. These machines aren’t cheap, so you need to make sure that this is something that you can use and that you can make money out of.

Things that you can do with one

The great thing about a laser cutter and a laser engraver is the different things you can create with the engraver. With a bit of research and being creative, you will see that there are many different things that you can actually do with one.

For example, you can cut logos for businesses into a different material. For example, pens, or keyrings. You can also engrave on larger material like glass, wood,and steel. Making this a great tool to have for a hobby or for making some extra money on the side. Check here.

Great for starting your own business

If you are looking for an opportunity to start your own business, then you don’t need to look any further. With one of the best laser machines, you can start your own business easily. The only thing that you should have, is some creativity to ensure that you are creating a product that will be popular and a product that people want to buy.

With this guide, you will know exactly what a laser engraver is and the things that you can do with one. It is a great idea to purchase one if you are a creative person and want to create something unique. These laser machines are worth the price you are going to pay for it.


Engraved Gifts for First Communions

Indeed, the first moment that your believing child will learn to receive a representation of the body of Christ will be a memorable one; however, you can make it more unforgettable by giving your child a gift to commemorate this special milestone. read top article!

Some first communion gifts that have symbols engraved by a laser cutter, like that of the heart for love, the anchor for hope and the cross for faith are equally as appropriate as accessories for the solemnity of the occasion as they will be appealing as keepsakes. There are many affordable jewelry stones that really look stunning even in a simple setting. These are bound to make the child really happy and proud to wear them.

The Holy Bible

Encourage children as they develop their faith in God by giving them a Bible that they can read.  You can accompany it with an age appropriate devotional as well.   Today, there are different kinds of representations or versions of the Holy Bible, which is a far cry from the usual thick, and weighty ones. You can search for bibles that they can carry everywhere they go or one that has interesting visuals on it. Impart on your child that learning the words of God should be an enjoyable and satisfying experience. A Bible storybook will also work great for your young one since they are filled with good illustrations and the stories are highly appropriate for their age.  The King James or New King James version is always recommended as a trusted version.

Useful Accessories and Jewelry

Practical and stylish gifts like watches with an engraved names using CO2 laser cutter can be very ideal to give during your child’s first communion. Children’s watches that appear formal than fancy will be appropriate for the event as well as their age, especially since they are already entering adolescence. Masculine boy’s watches and elegant girls watches will look perfect with their formal attire and will undeniably suit the significance of the occasion. Children’s watches can be used for any formal event since they never fail to go out of style.  A leather Bible can be laser etched to personalize the gift or for a specific scripture reference to remember.  Boss Laser offers laser cutting machines for companies and hobbyists.

engraveGiving jewelry is also another way to make this special occasion even more unforgettable. Even at a young age, kids are already aware that being gifted with jewelry means that they are entering a very significant moment in their life. You can opt to give your girls heirloom pieces with lesser value than other jewelries. However, if you want to spare these for other occasions later on, a simple pearl, a silver sterling necklace or bracelet, or an engraved pendant using laser machine, such as a dog tag will be highly appreciated by your young adults. Just like all the other gifts for first communion, jewelry will also prove to be useful, practical and stylish and will be relevant to your child’s religious life as they move into a more mature outlook in their faith. view more from http://www.industrial-lasers.com/articles/print/volume-32/issue-4/features/trends-in-the-indian-laser-market.html


Receiving the first communion is an important event that may involve formal attire. Boys will love it if they get to wear a tie that signifies that indeed, their first communion is a very special occasion. Department stores and luxury boutiques carry wide ranges of ties that will be suitable for your young gentleman’s taste. In addition, giving ties will prove to be relevant for your child since at this age, he will become more exposed to formal events. He will certainly appreciate the silk ties that he will get from his first communion.