The Best Way to Approach Women – Pick Up Lines to Use on Girls at Club

Pick up lines are highly used today and yet many men fail when trying to chat to a lady. The trouble is that most men use lines which are well outdated and it’s problematic to say the least. However, there are many simpler ways to approach a woman and use a good pick up line also. So, what’s the best way to approach a woman and use an effective pick up line also? Read on to find out more.

Time It Right

It’s very important when you approach a woman to chat to her because if you do so at the wrong time, it’s likely it’ll all go wrong. Now, people think ladies want to be approached when she is surrounded by friends but that isn’t always the case. Sometimes, a woman wants to be approached and talked in when they are alone and feel more confident to respond. So, you have to time it right! Pick up lines also has to be delivered at the very best time also. People don’t think about that so you have to!

Don’t Be Too Forceful

If the woman dismisses you the first time you try a pick up line on her, it’s unlikely she’ll change her mind and find you irresistible on the second, third or tenth time of trying! It’s important you don’t look desperate or try too hard because some women don’t like that either. You really need to approach a woman carefully and put your best foot forward. If a woman isn’t interested and you keep on trying she might think you’re hassling her and that’s not the thing you want attached to you. Pick up lines also have to be fairly decent so that you don’t end up saying something you really shouldn’t. You don’t want to offend either so be wary.

Classic Lines Are Still Classy

Modern chat or pick up lines might seem great but are they really the best? Sometimes you can find the classic lines are just as classy and as effective as the modern pick up lines. You really need to get your lines down to a T and ensure you deliver them with elegance and like a gentleman. Women don’t always like a man who tries too hard nor do they like a man that offers a cheesy, cheesy chat up line either because it can make them feel a bit awkward. Use decent lines that don’t sound too awful. Cheesy lines might sound good to you but be wary, not all women love cheesy lines unless they find you sweet or cute.

Be Confident

Above all else – be confident! Confidence is the key to success when it comes to delivering a good pick up line. If you aren’t confident in your approach you might find you fall flat on your face! With a good pick up line you can absolutely impress a woman even if she might not immediately be attracted to you; but of course, at the same time you shouldn’t try too hard. Use the best pick up lines and remember to stay confident. For more information visit:

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