5 Things You Should Never Do With a Laser Pointer, Portable Laser Or Even a Laser Module

Lasers are ideal for work as well as pleasure and with a little common sense, can be used safely. Some of things you must not do with a laser cutter are obvious; however, people are still doing them. Therefore, this article is to clearly indicate the five things you should not do with lasers.

  1. Look Directly Down the Laser

Several people, out of curiosity, trying to correct a fault or simply out of sheer stupidity will look down at a laser in the lens where the laser beam comes out. I do not care if your finger is on the power button, if you took out the batteries or if the gills of the laser spread all over your workbench never look down with a laser cutter. You will not ever look down the barrel of a rifle and in the similar way you should never look down at the laser.

  1. Point the Laser to People

High power lasers are very dangerous to the eyes, if you aim a laser at someone, there’s a chance you’ll hurt your eyes. It’s that easy. Of course you could be aiming with the 500mW laser pointer that can light cigars in the hand, the back of the head or on the bridge of the nose, where everybody does know it is safe. However, what happens if you move, your hand slips, someone hits you or anyone and the same things that can go wrong? What happens is that in that fraction of a second you are dependable for that person losing partially or completely the vision in that eye.

  1. Point the Laser to the Aircraft

This is seen as something very obvious that has nothing to do with a laser, but judging by the number of people who point to lasers on the plane, it’s not noticeable enough. In addition to the safety issues and hazards involved, aiming lasers at aircraft is a central offense in almost every country. Therefore, if you want to end up breaking rocks in the federal penitentiary for the next 15 to 20 years, kindly go ahead and be my guest.

  1. Use the Wrong Equipment to Clean the Lens

The most common cause of damage to laser pointers and laser modules is that people clean wrongly the lens. The lens in the lasers is an accurate and fragile optics that is simply damaged so you must be very careful when cleaning them. There are many methods to clean lenses ranging from T-shirts and tissues to microfibers and lenses.

  1. Modify Lasers

The modification of a laser occurs when one of some methods is used to enhance the power of the laser diode; as a result, the laser beam has more power. All lasers, if laser pointers or laser modules can be modified and it seems a very economical way to obtain a high power laser.


The main problem with modifying the lasers is that the lasers are not designed to handle the highest power levels and changing them will usually destroy or damage the lasers. If you are interested in modifying your laser as an experiment or if you do not mind ruining your laser, just go ahead. But if you have spent several hundred dollars hard earned to buy your laser cutter machine, leave it as it is.


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